IronCore Labs Launches Beta at Techstars Demo Day

BOULDER, Colorado – April 19, 2017 – Tonight at the event that marks the culmination of the Techstars Boulder ‘17 program, IronCore Labs, Inc. announced the launch of its beta program.

IronCore Labs, Inc., a Colorado and Montana-based startup that makes strong application security simple for developers, introduced its new “Customer Controlled Data” technology. The offering is targeted at cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses that are selling to other companies, and it provides them strong encryption-backed security they can integrate into their products. More importantly, it allows these SaaS vendors to return control of the secured data to its owners, their customers.

“Customer Controlled Data will help cloud providers overcome the barriers of trust that they encounter when selling to large enterprises,” said Patrick Walsh, IronCore Labs’ CEO. “These security-sensitive organizations need this level of control to feel confident moving to the cloud.”

As cloud companies have searched for ways to allow their customers to delegate possession of their sensitive data without relinquishing control, an approach known as Customer Managed Keys (CMK) has gained some momentum. Bob Wall, CTO of IronCore Labs, said “Customer Controlled Data is more secure than CMK, with a greater level of control, monitoring, performance, and flexibility.”

IronCore Labs graduated from the 11th Techstars Boulder program this evening, along with eleven other companies and one non-profit. With tonight’s announcement, IronCore invited software developers needing strong data security to join its beta program.

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About IronCore Labs, Inc.

IronCore Labs was founded in 2015 by Patrick Walsh and Bob Wall and has offices in Bozeman, MT and Boulder, CO. The company is building the next generation of data security solutions for application developers. You can follow IronCore Labs on Twitter at @ironcorelabs or find them on the web at