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Thales CipherTrust Manager integration

We're here to help you get started quickly with data sovereignty solutions

Data holders / SaaS vendors

Are you a data holder (aka SaaS vendor) looking to address customer concerns about data sovereignty with application-layer encryption and BYOK? You're in the right place. We can do a high-level or more in-depth technical overview to help you understand what it would look like to get started. Bring yourself or stakeholders from across the company for a Q&A with our experts.

Key holders / SaaS customers

Do you have SaaS vendors (making you the key holder) that need to do a better job of protecting your data and giving you control of the encryption keys? That's why we're here.

In a 30-minute call, we'll help you:

  • understand what to ask for
  • get ideas for how to talk to your vendors about application-layer encryption and BYOK
  • know what tools are available and how to get started

We'll even provide you with a discount you can offer your SaaS vendors if they choose to use our products.

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