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with security at the core.

Insiders, hackers, misconfigurations, long-lived bugs — any of these can open a crack in your perimeter security. It happens every day. Assume it's happened already. Protect your sensitive data to minimize fallout and preserve your reputation.

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Data Protection

Survive a network breach without losing sensitive data

Add a layer of encryption between your application and your data to guard against massive breaches, data scraping, cross-tenant data leakage, and other common issues.

Application-layer encryption keeps the data safe even when an attacker has access to your database or file system.

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Use cases

The encryption tools you need to protect sensitive data

Protect AI data

Vector embeddings retain sensitive information hackers want. Turn on encryption-in-use protection for your AI data in any vector database.

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Key orchestration

For SaaS apps with per tenant app-layer encryption and options for BYOK/CMK, real-time audit trails, and more.

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Search encrypted data

Keep your sensitive text data (names, emails, messages, etc.) encrypted at all times while still allowing search via Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.

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Enterprise grade

Used by industry leaders and powerhouses

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Keys Matter

Access control that can't be bypassed

You can’t have data privacy without data control. If you collect sensitive data, including email addresses, it’s up to you to protect that data. Control means I know my data is safe rather than I hope it is.

  • Know who can access
  • Audit trails of every touch
  • Revoke access cryptographically
  • Empower the data owner with their keys
  • Works almost anywhere
Works with AWS, GCP, Azure, and MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and Hadoop among others


Our mission is to level-up the security and privacy of all applications

Vulnerabilities will always exist. We imagine a world where data stays safe even in the face of complex and imperfect systems. Read more about our vision for the private and secure future of apps.


of application code comes from dependencies.

4 years

is the average time vulnerablities go undiscovered.


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