Make Multi-tenant Encryption a Reality

🔒 Secure the data in your mobile, web, and server apps with data security that stays with the data wherever it lives.

Some of our biggest customers were asking for advanced privacy features to better secure their data. We knew that to meet those needs, and meet them quickly, we would need to partner with someone who lives and breathes data privacy and security, and that’s what we found in IronCore Labs.


It’s All About Control

You can’t have data privacy without data control. If you collect sensitive data, including email addresses, it’s up to you to protect that data. Control means I know my data is safe rather than I hope it is.
  • Know who can access
  • Audit trails of every touch
  • Pull back access
  • Across devices and clouds
Works with AWS, GCP, Azure, and MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and Hadoop among others

Why Encryption Layers Matter

Web applications are especially vulnerable and most data security solutions don’t address the core problem: data loss is inevitable. But will that data be encrypted and useless when it’s stolen?

Our mission is to make privacy and confidentiality core to all applications. Please join us.

Solve Your Data Privacy Challenges

Add data controls to your application using IronCore’s easy-to-use SDKs and give your customers and your security team the control and visibility that they want.

Fix Your Trust Model

Our toolkit helps developers build applications that require less trust from customers ranging from Zero-Trust (End-to-End Encryption) to Trust-but-Verify (Customer-Held Encryption Keys) models.

Protect Data By Design

Data privacy starts with application requirements. Your security team can’t deploy something that magically fixes your app’s problems. Security must be built-in. And if you have any EU users, it’s a GDPR requirement.

Be Future Ready

It’s all about the data. It will be copied, backed up, shared, and accessed by hundreds of people and services. You can’t protect it with firewalls or basic encryption. Start from first principles: start by controlling data.

IronCore Is a Trusted Enterprise Partner

Experienced Team

Our team has decades of applied cryptography and security experience and decades more experience building enterprise SaaS applications.

Proven Tech

Our tools are being used by large, global, Fortune 100 companies to satisfy complex requirements and stringent policies.


From SOC2 certification to crypto audits to bug bounties, we are committed to privacy, transparency, security, and reliability.

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