SaaS Shield Encryption Platform

Add per-tenant application-layer encryption, data controls, and data access visibility to your multi-tenant SaaS app.

Shield Data from Hackers with Application-Layer Encryption

Your customers trust you with their data. Protect that trust by encrypting data before it’s sent to your database with application-layer encryption, and choose your key management configuration.

SaaS Shield Benefits

Sell more software

Differentiate from competitors with superior privacy and security. Open up new markets and unlock customers who usually prefer on-prem software.

Grow the bottom line

Most companies offering premium security and privacy charge 20-30% of net spend. This allows for expansion in large accounts.

Earn customer trust

You ask your customers to trust you with their data, but that trust is more readily granted when customers can verify how their data is accessed.
A year ago, some of our biggest customers started asking for advanced privacy features to better secure their data within Rally. SaaS Shield is perfect to bring extra privacy and control to our customers.

Michele Kubicek

Why SaaS Shield?

Enhance trust

Trust is the currency of SaaS. You must earn trust to earn the sale.


Give your customers the ability to monitor how their data is accessed.


Help your customers meet the mess of contractual and international data protection obligations they have.


Help your customers build policy and process to meet their needs for the data you hold on their behalf.
For many large customers, ownership and control of encryption keys is a baseline requirement for cloud software adoption.


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Your customers get to leverage their existing security infrastructure to monitor and gate access to their encrypted data. That means they can use their existing log management, security incident and event management (SIEM), and key management servers (KMS) to keep control of their data and to understand how it’s being accessed.
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SaaS Shield makes use of our innovative encryption technology, which we have patented.



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