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Open-source projects

IronCore Labs is determined to help people build better, more secure, safe software. To that end, we open-source large amounts of our code, including the following projects:

  • Data Control Platform
    • Low-level crypto libraries
      • recrypt-rs – proxy re-encryption / transform cryptography library in rust (audited, constant time)
      • gridiron – constant time big number math library used by recrypt-rs
      • recrypt – proxy re-encryption / transform cryptography library in scala (audited, not constant time)
      • recrypt-wasm-binding – build recrypt-rs for use in browsers
      • recrypt-node-binding – build recrypt-rs for use in node
    • High-level crypto libraries (these use recrypt)
      • ironoxide – rust library for interacting with the proxy re-encryption service
      • ironoxide-swift – swift bindings for ironoxide for iOS
      • ironoxide-swig-bindings – bindings to ironoxide for C++, Java and Android
      • ironoxide-scala – bindings to ironoxide for Scala
      • ironnode – node library for interacting with the proxy re-encryption service
      • ironweb – web browser library for interacting with the proxy re-encryption service
    • Command line tools
      • ironoxide-cli – command line interface for IronOxide functions to create users, devices, and groups
      • ironhide – command line tool for encrypting files to groups or users
  • SaaS Shield
  • Other

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If you’ve contributed in other ways, such as giving talks about our products, teaching others to use it, writing IronCore Labs articles/tutorials, participating in an IronCore Labs research project, or any other way, please fill out this short form to let us know!

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Code of conduct

It should go without saying, but a community is a place for respectful interactions and the IronCore Labs community is a place where people are meant to debate ideas, architect solutions, and help each other. This is not a place for shaming people (for example, for poor security practices or lack of knowledge or understanding) or any other behavior that would make people feel unwelcome. The unwritten rules of the physical world apply, but if you aren’t sure what that means. we have a standard code of conduct policy that applies to all parts of our community.