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  • You can also purchase CMK for Amazon S3 separately in the AWS Marketplace.

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    SaaS Shield FAQs

    You can get a free trial of SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3. Just head to the Amazon Marketplace. The first tenant is free for life. Free trials of the SaaS Shield SDK will be available soon.
    If you’re an early-stage startup, you may qualify for the IronCore Labs Startup Program. Companies accepted into the program get any Pro Level product free for two years.
    SaaS applications that serve multiple customers use a multi-tenant architecture. Each tenant is a customer. SaaS Shield is a multi-tenant data security solution, so you will often hear us talking about tenants and customers interchangeably.
    SaaS businesses have a rainbow of business models, and we’re flexible. While customer managed keys might not make sense for each tenant if you have thousands, we’ve worked with customers to add our application layer encryption across the board and then offer CMK to select customers. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.
    Stripe is our go-to for small subscriptions, which means credit cards. Larger subscriptions are invoiced.
    We have an extensive doc site for free trial users. Pro users receive unlimited business hours support. Enterprise+ users receive white glove 24/7 support.
    Customer Managed Keys, or CMK, is a cloud architecture pattern that gives customers control and ownership of the encryption keys that protect some or all of their data stored in SaaS applications. It also provides customers with an independent audit of data access. CMK is a trust-but-verify model. Data is encrypted and decrypted on the service-side. The SaaS provider is able to access data, but the customer has control over encryption keys.
    In a CMK architecture, encryption is performed at the application layer, not the data layer, and data is encrypted using per-tenant keys managed by either the customer or the vendor.
    Yes! You’ll just have to use it with a static secret and derived keys.
    Cloaked Search integrates with SaaS Shield as an add-on. When used with SaaS Shield, the pro plan costs the standard monthly base fee, plus $35 per tenant per month (the base per-tenant rate plus the Cloaked Search per-tenant rate).



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