SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3

You're only a configuration change away. Roll out customer managed keys for your S3 data, and give your customers the data privacy they've been asking for.

Upsell with CMK

CMK is a premium data privacy feature that’s highly valued by your enterprise customers.
It pays for itself.

Test & Install Quickly

Get customers up and running with CMK in no time. We’ve made CMK as simple as it gets and code-free, too.


Give your customers the controls they need to comply with GDPR, CCPA, SOX, HIPAA and other regulations.

3 Steps to Try SaaS Shield

Watch the video to the left to see how you can test your software against our demo instance.
To try it yourself, follow these steps.
  1. Use the public credentials available here
  2. Change your S3 SDK configuration
  3. Run your software and see encryption in action
It’s really that easy. Now you’re protecting data stored in S3 with customer managed keys.

Getting Started Is Easy

Calculate Your Return on Investment

It’s the feature that pays for itself
“It’s a feature that our large customers have been asking for for a very long time.”

Slack, Head of Enterprise Product Ilan Frank

SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3 Features

Give your customers premium security and data privacy easily and conveniently, without having to change out security infrastructure or having to build customer managed keys yourself.

Allow customers to revoke access to their data if or when they want to

Setup is configuration driven and a no-code project

Show a full audit trail on sensitive data like encrypt/decrypt

Integrate once with support for AWS, GCP and Azure KMS

Under the Hood

SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3

Download the Overview of SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3 datasheet.



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