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Let's talk about we can help you with your data sovereignty, BYOK, or other advanced encryption needs

Secure multi-tenant data with application-layer encryption

Add another layer of security, address customer concerns, and differentiate from competitors with SaaS Shield.

SaaS Shield Features

  • Customer held keys
  • Per-tenant encryption
  • Key leasing options
  • Premium support
  • CMK for Amazon S3
  • Optional Cloaked Search add-on
  • Optional Cloaked AI add-on
  • Real-time audit trials
  • Real-time security audits
  • SLAs
  • On-prem options
  • White labeling
  • B2C discounts available
  • Meet EU data privacy needs post-Schrems II

As always, your first tenant in SaaS Shield is free.

Let's get started.

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