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Cloaked AI

Sensitive AI data stored in vector databases is vulnerable to hackers and just as good as stealing raw source data. Secure it with searchable, drop-in, application-layer encryption.

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Why AI data matters

AI has a memory and that memory knows everything

Machine learnings systems are hungry for data. More data makes them more useful. But it also makes them a bigger target. Private, confidential, and regulated data remains a risk even when it's represented as a vector embedding. Which is why it's incredibly important to build your systems right with security and privacy by design from the outset.

Easy integration

Integrate with your existing vector database or index

Cloaked AI is deployed either as an SDK or a transparent proxy depending on your target data store with support for Faiss, Elastic, Pinecone, Qdrant, pgvector, and more. The vector, once encrypted, is largely meaningless, but common operations like nearest neighbor searches, clustering, etc., can still take place over the data. Only those allowed access to the key can make sense of the vectors that are stored.

Even if the vector database is hosted by a third-party and even if it is in another country, your data remains safe from foreign subpoenas, breaches, curious service provider employees, and more.

Data Text, Image,Audio, etc. DATA Model Model Embedding Vector Embeddings Plus Plus Vector Database Encryption Key Cloaked AI Encrypted Embeddings

Application-layer encryption

Data protection for cloud servers

Encryption requires the correct key to unlock the data. But when you use infrastructure encryption like database or disk encryption, the key has already unlocked the data and stays in memory for as long as the server is running. This doesn’t do much to protect data in the cloud.

The solution is application-layer encryption (ALE), which encrypts data before storing it and keeps the key(s) separate from the data. It’s a simple, but powerful concept that often prevents curious admins, network breaches, cloud misconfigurations, and application vulnerabilities from compromising data.

Cloaked AI FAQ

Learn more about protecting AI data

Whether it’s your sensitive intellectual property, financial information, healthcare information, consumer personal information, or just non-public information at a public company, you need to protect data that can be abused.

Protect your data with non-transparent, application-layer encryption that provides the security and privacy for the data you hold, regardless of where that data lives.