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Data-centric privacy and security by design. Learn how to use and implement serious data protection for your application.

Cloaked AI

A suite of SDKs built to help you encrypt vector embeddings. Cloaked AI allows you to protect sensitive data while still supporting similarity search across embeddings. We also protect the sensitive metadata associated with each vector. Vector embeddings you store in a vector database or other data store are secured while still being usable. For multi-tenant applications, we provide integration with SaaS Shield, bringing robust key management features your customers will appreciate. Built to work with a wide variety of vector databases such as Faiss, Elastic, Pinecone, Qdrant, pgvector, and more.

Cloaked Search

A transparent proxy for the Elasticsearch and OpenSearch services that protects sensitive data stored in the search service to protect it from hackers, curious administrators, and other threats. Configure the service, change your search clients to point to the service, and be assured that the sensitive data stored in your search index is secure. Cloaked Search can be run as a standalone service, or it can be integrated with SaaS Shield, allowing you to provide customer managed keys to the tenants of your SaaS offering.

SaaS Shield

A flexible, easy to use suite of services and SDKs that allows you to offer encryption, cloud KMS, logging, SIEM integration, and Customer Managed Key (CMK) features to your customers with minimal engineering work. Your customers expect more control over their sensitive data stored in the cloud, and SaaS Shield allows you to provide that control while giving your customers choice in how they want to manage the keys that protect their data.

Data Control Platform

A suite of backend services and SDKs built to help you add end-to-end encryption and advanced data privacy into your applications. The Data Control Platform allows you to protect sensitive data, control and monitor access, alleviate concerns about the security of cloud vendors, and fulfill compliance requirements -- without hiring cryptographers and initiating a complicated engineering project.

IronCore Labs' products are built on innovative encryption technology, which we have patented.