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IronOxide Rust SDK

The IronOxide Rust SDK is a pure Rust library that integrates IronCore’s privacy, security, and data control solution into your app. Operations used in the IronOxide SDK are performed in the context of a user or backend service account.


Refer to the SDKs crates.io library page for information on how to install the SDK as a dependency for your application.


All of the documentation for IronOxide lives on its docs.rs library page. Refer to this page to see all of the available functionality and an example of how to get started with the SDK.

You can also view the source of the SDK via its GitHub repository. Please use the GitHub repository for managing questions or issues when using this SDK.

Platform Support

We test compile the IronOxide SDK package for Linux, OSX, iOS x64, and Android x64. Other platforms are likely to work as well but if there is a platform that doesn’t work, please open an issue on the GitHub repository.

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