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IronOxide Swift SDK

The IronOxide Swift SDK is a Swift library that integrates IronCore’s privacy, security, and data control solution into your iOS app. Operations used in the IronOxide Swift SDK are performed in the context of a user or backend service account. The IronOxide Swift SDK wraps the IronOxide Rust SDK as a native module and exposes a thin Swift wrapping layer on top. As such, this SDK requires loading a platform specific static library as part of its usage. This library can be installed via Homebrew.


Refer to the IronOxide Swift repository for how to install this library as a dependency within your application. This will also require installing the libironoxide static library via Homebrew.


All of the documentation for IronOxide Swift lives within the repositories GitHub pages website.

You can also view the source of the SDK via its GitHub repository which also has an example of how to initialize and use the SDK. Please use the GitHub repository for managing questions or issues when using this SDK.

Platform Support

The underlying static library that this SDK wraps is test compiled for both iOS devices and the iOS simulator.

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