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Data Control Platform FAQ

Answers to common questions about using the Data Control Platform…

  • How do I get a DeviceContext to initialize a Data Control Platform SDK?

    You need to create a user and then a device within the Data Control Platform.

    If you just want to try some things out, you can generate a DeviceContext with ironoxide-cli as well.

  • Can the Data Control Platform SDK be used to authenticate users for my app?

    No. The Data Control Platform works with an existing identity provider.

  • The group of users I want to encrypt to changes often. Do I have to re-encrypt the data every time I want to change who can decrypt a document?

    The Data Control Platform handles highly dynamic groups of decryptors very gracefully via Scalable Encryption Groups

  • When a user is added to a Scalable Encryption Group, do I need to redistribute the encrypted file/data to the other users?

    No. Changing who can decrypt data does not require the data to be modified at all.

  • When a user is removed from a Scalable Encryption Group, will they still be able to decrypt a local copy of the encrypted file they have stored?

    A user will be unable to decrypt any data, even if they have access to a locally-stored version.

  • I don’t see a way to store data with the Data Control Platform. What am I missing?

    The Data Control Platform doesn’t provide data storage, but allows you to store data wherever it is most convenient - files, databases, git repositories, S3 buckets, or anywhere else. Keep in mind that the data can even be stored in publicly accessible locations because it’s encrypted.

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