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Deploying Cloaked Search

Cloaked Search is provided as a Docker container that can be run within your infrastructure. The container is stateless and can be scaled horizontally as needed.


The Cloaked Search Docker container is hosted publicly on the IronCore Labs Docker registry. Find the latest tag available and pull down the image by running this command:

docker pull gcr.io/ironcore-images/cloaked-search:{tag}

You can see the changes in each version of Cloaked Search in its changelog entry.

After you have successfully pulled Cloaked Search, you should be able to see the image listed in your docker images list.

Starting Locally for Development

If you want to run Cloaked Search in Docker running on your local machine, see our Try Cloaked Search repository.

Deployment and Tuning

Running Cloaked Search in a production deployment is usually more involved than just starting it up. Many decisions will be specific to your infrastructure, but we have an example Kubernetes deployment that you can use as a starting point.


There are several endpoints available that may be useful for monitoring a Cloaked Search deployment:

  • _cloaked_search/health: probe that reports combined live and ready information
  • _cloaked_search/live: probe that reports if the service is running
  • _cloaked_search/version: reports the currently running version of CS

Metrics - Added in v2.7.0

Each Cloaked Search container provides the following Prometheus metrics on a /_cloaked_search/metrics endpoint.

cloaked_search_request_duration_seconds (histogram)

  • Processing time (in seconds) for a Cloaked Search request
  • Labels:
    • request_type - Type of request: index, query, bulk, passthrough, or disabled
    • http_code - HTTP code being returned to the caller

cloaked_search_requests_in_flight (gauge)

  • Number of requests that are currently in-flight (being processed)
  • Labels:
    • request_type - Type of request: index, query, bulk, passthrough, or disabled

cloaked_search_document_tokenization_count (counter)

  • Number of documents successfully tokenized by Cloaked Search. While each bulk request will only be recorded once in the request duration metric, this metric will increment for each protected document indexed.
  • Labels:
    • source - The source operation: index, bulk_index, or query

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