The hash in each changelog entry communicates the container hash in which the change was made. There will only ever be multiple hashes in a single version entry if the underlying image was rebuilt to fix a security vulnerability.


[2021-10-21], Hash (4ef60d654971)
  • Fix issue with wildcard parsing
  • Add extra validation for standalone keys
  • Support Bool, Number, and String fields on index
  • Fix multi-language detection on substring search
  • Only try to replace hits source on successful requests
  • Error when given an unexpected body type
  • Error for substring queries that do not include enough characters
  • Require tenant ID for search and index
  • Improve error messages for queries using disabled filters


[2021-10-12], Hash (60d14341ceaf)
  • Add accept_invalid_certs configuration
  • Update es_url to search_service_url.
  • Add _cloaked_search/health and _cloaked_search/live endpoints to aid in real deployments.
  • Make tenantidfield configurable per index.
  • TSC integration.
  • Add link to 5M wikipedia set from tantivy.
  • Allow tenant ids to be String, Number or Boolean instead of just String.
  • Improve tenant detection.


[2021-9-27], Hash 6b4b648bd9ed:
  • Moved standalone secrets to files, config points to them.
  • Add support for +/- substring, phrase and term queries.


[2021-09-14], Hash (55ed4d3014e3): Improvements on search/indexing
  • Sign over the edek protobuf when we create it and verify it on deserialization.
  • Add prefix/suffix substring (trigram) support.


[2021-09-09], Hash (ffbdd6f56e80): Initial release
  • Automatically select the best filter on query
  • Add a check to make sure the requesting tenant matches resulting document
  • Add phonetic filter to analyzer
  • Allow changing analyzers in config file
  • Upgrade to alpine-3.14, and rust-1.54
  • Dependency updates


[2021-08-16], Hash (64dd18ac078f): Initial release
  • Initial version of CSP

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