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IronWeb SDK

The IronWeb SDK is a browser-based JavaScript library that integrates IronCore’s privacy, security, and data control solution into your app. We have a demo of a web app that uses the SDK to protect data here; it is implemented using React, as described here.


The IronWeb SDK is available on NPM under the package name @ironcorelabs/ironweb. This module includes the SDK in both ES6 Module and CommonJS format as well as a single minified ironweb.min.js. It can be installed via either NPM or Yarn.

npm install @ironcorelabs/ironweb


yarn add @ironcorelabs/ironweb

You can also view the source of the SDK via its GitHub repository.

Use as a standalone script

Use the IronWeb SDK as a standalone script that creates a global ironweb variable that encapsulates all functionality. To import IronWeb as a standalone script use a resource such as Unpkg.

SDK Methods

The IronWeb SDK methods are grouped into namespaces to separate functionality.

Category Description
SDK Initialization and Unauthenticated User Management Initialize the IronWeb SDK as a authenticated user or manage unauthenticated users.
Document Create, update, and manage access to your encrypted content.
Group Create and manage members and admins of your cryptographic groups.
User Manage the currently authenticated user of the SDK.
Search Create and manage encrypted blind search indexes.
Codec Utility methods to handle data conversion between different formats.

SDK Error and Error Codes

Most IronWeb SDK methods return a Promise. If an SDK operation fails the Promise that was created will reject with a SDKError that provides additional information about the error that occurred. Each SDKError has a specific error code that exposes information about the error that occurred.

Platform Support

The IronWeb SDK works on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

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