Privacy Layers

Architect for Privacy

We help developers protect, manage, and track sensitive cloud data.

Data Privacy Framework

IronCore’s data privacy framework makes it easy to build applications that are private and secure.

Developer Proof

Developers make mistakes. Bugs are a fact of life. With IronCore, we take decisions away from developers so they can focus on core features. We’ve baked privacy best practices into an easy-to-use, audited, framework that is configured by policy.

Store Anywhere

IronCore works with any backend storage and platform, including data in buckets, databases, search indices or big data partitions. Cross-cloud key management is built-in, allowing policy-based flexibility when determining where to store keys. The core cryptography is written in portable Rust code and there are higher level SDKs available for Java, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust and C. And IronCore runs in server, browser, mobile or hybrid environments.

Protect, Monitor, Revoke

With IronCore, the owner or custodian of data, or their delegatee, determines who has access to data. All data accesses are monitored with full unbypassable audit trails that can be fed into a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system. Access can be revoked at any time, regardless of where the data is stored, even if the owner no longer has access to the data. Audit trails include by whom, from where, when, and which data is being accessed

That Lets You Ship Faster

Integrate IronCore in a quarter or less, with one to two developers. Focus on the core features of your application without compromising privacy or security.

Turnkey CMK / BYOK

For B2B SaaS companies with Enterprise customers, Customer Managed Keys or Bring Your Own Keys, is a cloud architecture to give your customers ownership of encryption keys. CMK allows your customers to protect some or all of their data stored in your application. CMK is becoming a baseline requirement for large enterprise sales and renewals. IronCore offers a turnkey CMK solution for SaaS companies that integrates quickly and supports any enterprise key management infrastructure.

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End-to-End / Zero-Trust

End-to-end encryption protects data from its point of origin to its point of use. Access control is cryptographically backed, meaning permissions travel with the data without a need to trust any intermediate service. Data residency and right-to-forget are seamlessly supported, even when data is shared with partners.

Iterative Playbook

IronCore’s agile playbook allows you to iteratively deliver privacy and security. Start with an architectural sprint to evaluate the IronCore framework in your own environment. Ship server side privacy controls to gain quick wins. Increase capabilities to a full zero-trust architecture in subsequent releases.

With Provable Data Control

The IronCore framework encrypts all data and embeds access control cryptographically. Platform administrators and DBAs don’t have backdoor access to exploit. Hackers can compromise a server and still not gain data access.

For compliance

IronCore’s Data Privacy Framework brings data protection by default and by design to your application. IronCore meets the data subject rights in GDPR as well as the security of processing requirements for sensitive data. Data mapping, access audit trail, transparency, and similar requirements from SOX/GLBA, CCPA, HIPAA and PCI are supported.

For data residency

When data is encrypted and the keys remain in country, data is considered in residence even if it is replicated across global data centers. IronCore provides controls and policy options to make data residency a matter of permissions rather than a matter of huge investments in infrastructure.

For best practices

Best practices evolve rapidly in response to new government regulation and increasing system complexity. Most application development teams cannot keep pace with these recommendations. With IronCore, industry best practices are baked into the platform. IronCore continuously tracks these changes and keeps you current with the latest, most secure options for you and your customers.

Buyers of cloud services and mobile devices should demand that providers offer them the option of managing their own encryption keys.


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