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IronCore Announces Additional $1.5M in Seed Funding

We sometimes half-joke that we could’ve saved Facebook some pretty big headaches. But it isn’t a joke. Had they retained control of the data they shared with partners, they wouldn’t have had to send letters asking their partners to delete data. For that matter, they wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that those partners even had Facebook data.

Before IronCore, there just weren’t any good ways to manage these problems. With IronCore, you can decide who can unlock data, can monitor how it’s accessed, and can revoke that access at any time, effectively deleting the controlled data even if that data is offline or on other people’s servers.

With this additional funding, IronCore will drive growth by investing in sales, marketing, and additional product development. We want the world to know that privacy in 2018 isn’t a lost cause. Security in the cloud is possible. And requirements like GDPR can be trivially met with when data is properly controlled.

We deeply appreciate the support of our investors, including Next Frontier Capital, Blue Note Ventures, PV Ventures, and several others, as we scale our business. This round brings IronCore’s total funds raised to just over $3M.

Read the press release here.

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