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Waitlist Now Open for New Encrypted AI Vector Embeddings Solution

Protect sensitive data stored in your vector database with encryption you won’t even notice, unless you’re a hacker

In response to mounting risks facing software companies with AI solutions, we’ve worked hard to develop a first-of-its-kind product that protects the data that powers AI. That solution is Cloaked AI.

Cloaked AI is an encryption-in-use solution that allows the AI memory – the vector embeddings – to be used fully without any loss of functionality while also protecting the privacy and security of that data no matter who holds it. Only those with the key can meaningfully query the data and derive meaning from it.

Companies with AI tools store personal, sensitive information in unprotected databases

It’s fairly well known that a handful of AI models like OpenAI and ChatGPT now power thousands of AI products built by software companies across the globe. What’s less well known is that advanced AI features require long term memory – a place to store context, history, customer information, and other remembered impressions of data. This information then gets stored in a vector database.

Vector databases now hold the crown jewels

AI products have access to all kinds of private data from chat history to medical diagnoses to proprietary company information, which is represented by vector embeddings and stored in these new vector databases. While these vector embeddings aren’t understandable to humans, much like other machine representations of data, they hold a ton of meaning for AI and a savvy hacker can easily extract highly sensitive information from them for mischief or profit.

An encryption solution that won’t disrupt your business, but will disrupt a hacker

Protecting AI data stored in vector databases is critical to securing AI systems, ensuring trust with customers or vector database vendors, complying with global data privacy regulations, and avoiding privacy and security breaches.

Thanks to the advanced data-in-use encryption technologies at play in Cloaked AI, all major operations like nearest neighbor searches, clustering, anomaly detection, and more, work over all known vector databases including those from Pinecone, Weaviate, Qdrant, Elastic, and AWS OpenSearch.

Cloaked AI is built to be invisible to you but impenetrable to attackers. You continue business as usual. Your customers get the privacy protection they want. Hackers get nothing.

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Cloaked AI allows companies to benefit from the power of LLMs, generative AI, semantic search, and related breakthroughs that require embeddings while protecting private data.

Sign up for the waitlist and build security into the critical parts of your AI infrastructure from the start. Read more about AI encryption. Or learn more at our upcoming webinar, ”How to Secure Sensitive AI Data in Vector Databases.

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