How To Accelerate
Your Privacy and Security Roadmap

We’ll talk about new methods to make Privacy and Security a differentiator for your business. Differentiating on privacy and security increases pipeline velocity, opens new market segments, and accelerates your roadmap. Learn how to make an internal business case that unlocks deals and gets your backlog stories prioritized.

Wednesday, June 6th, 1 pm ET / 11 am MT / 10 am PT
1800 BST

45 minutes with Live Q&A

Data privacy concerns are causing significant sales cycle delays for up to 65 percent of businesses worldwide.


Presented by

Patrick Walsh
CEO, IronCore Labs

Patrick has led enterprise software teams and security product lines for 20 years and knows how to build secure software that is easy to integrate and doesn't hurt usability.

Rob Pinna
CPO, IronCore Labs

A veteran of five Enterprise SaaS companies, Rob is tired of losing deals at the finish line to privacy issues and cramming security into a crowded roadmap.