• Why we're here

    We believe the current generation of cloud applications are fundamentally insecure.

  • When we think about what we might want to build next: kick-ass cloud CRM, ERP, health EMR, digital markets or financial management, we know that the first thing we need to build is an exceptionally strong foundation for security.

  • This foundation needs to be far stronger than current practices and much more than just network-based perimeter protection. Confidential paper documents aren’t just left out for anyone to stumble upon. The digital world needs equivalent and equally usable security for digital data.

  • 90% of security incidents are due to application vulnerabilities. The application typically has full access to all users’ data, so a hacker exploiting the app leads to disastrous results. We’re here to change that equation.

What we do

  • Foundation for the future

    We’re building a better foundation for the next generation of enterprise cloud applications. IronCore is focused on highly usable interfaces that get out of the way and scale to massive numbers of users and large amounts of data. We’re building access controls and identities that don’t rely on shared secrets and trusted servers, or even trusted applications. This is the future of digital data.

  • Modern, Solid Engineering

    We’re very opinionated about what constitutes good software. We’re craftspeople building solid and reliable software using functional programming paradigms that use principles of math to make software more testable, understandable, and less prone to unforeseen and unhandled errors. Contrast this to the outdated software underlying many existing security libraries. We build for security and reliability.

Where we’re going

Our goal is to eliminate the daily breaches seen in the news. If sensitive data is well protected, then breaches are non-events and public disclosure isn’t required. Strong data security will bring us to a world with stronger national security, better privacy, and safer intellectual property. Our mission is to make the world a safer place to do digital business.

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