A hash at the front of a changelog entry indicates the hash of the container that first contained the change. There will only ever be multiple hashes in a single changelog if the underlying image was rebuilt to fix a security vulnerability.


[2021-03-24], Hash 284bff51176f: Initial release.
  • Added support for capture groups in the folder mapping with the capture-tenant-regex key.
    • In the folder mapping, the object-regex key has been renamed to explicit-tenant-regex. To maintain compatibility, we will still support the object-regex key until the next major release.


[2021-03-19], Hash 8b6802c737a8: Initial release.
  • Fixed bug that prevented configuring new features added in v1.1.0 in a deployment.


[2021-03-19], Hash e65f2c1ab408: Initial release.
  • Added ability to specify encryption tenant ID in request headers.
  • Added configuration option to deny encryption requests with invalid tenant ID.


[2021-01-19], Hash a8f1ec5b02ae: Initial release.

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