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See our buildlog for relationships between specific docker hashes and version tags. The most recent releases are at the bottom of the file. There will only ever be multiple hashes for a single version tag if the underlying image was rebuilt to fix a security vulnerability.


  • Dependency updates


  • Images are no longer based on alpine and are instead built from scratch.


  • added multi arch builds. amd64 and arm64 docker containers are both published to gcr.


  • Added support for capture groups in the folder mapping with the capture-tenant-regex key.
    • In the folder mapping, the object-regex key has been renamed to explicit-tenant-regex. To maintain compatibility, we will still support the object-regex key until the next major release.


  • Fixed bug that prevented configuring new features added in v1.1.0 in a deployment.


  • Added ability to specify encryption tenant ID in request headers.
  • Added configuration option to deny encryption requests with invalid tenant ID.


Initial release

Versioning Policy

See our container versioning policy documentation.

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