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The Tenant Security Client is built to interact with the Tenant Security Proxy and is used to encrypt and decrypt content. The SDK uses AES-256 symmetric encryption to protect data.

In order to access the features of the Tenant Security Client, you first need to create a new instance of the client class. This requires a PROXY_DOMAIN that specifies where a Tenant Security Proxy can be reached, along with the PROXY_API_KEY for that Tenant Security Proxy. This API_KEY is produced when generating a new Tenant Security Proxy configuration within the Configuration Broker and is unique to each configuration. As the Tenant Security Proxy is a Docker container running in your infrastructure, you are responsible for hosting it at a location that is accessible by your application.

TenantSecurityClient client = TenantSecurityClient.create(PROXY_DOMAIN, PROXY_API_KEY)
const client = new TenantSecurityClient(PROXY_DOMAIN, PROXY_API_KEY);
$tenantSecurityClient = new TenantSecurityClient($PROXY_DOMAIN, $PROXY_API_KEY);
tenantSecurityClient := tsc.NewTenantSecurityClient(proxyApiKey, proxyAddress, 0)

In the Java SDK, there are other constructors available that allow you to specify the random number generator or sizes of the thread pools used by the client; see the Javadocs for more information.

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