Try Out Cloaked Search

Interact with Cloaked Search without installing anything.

This is a demo of Cloaked Search, an encrypted search proxy that is designed to be used in front of an Elasticsearch or OpenSearch service. We indexed 5 million { title, body, url } documents from Wikipedia into a search service instance, which you can query here. We configured the title and body fields to be protected by Cloaked Search.

Try querying for title:volleyball or body:crimson (note: if no field is included in the query string, protected fields aren't searched). See our query string documentation for more information about writing queries.

The first tab shows the results of querying Cloaked Search.

The second tab shows those same documents, if you exfiltrated them from the search service.

The third tab shows results of the same query run on an index without Cloaked Search protection.

Learn more about how Cloaked Search works here.