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Tenant Security Proxy Error Codes

When the Tenant Security Proxy encounters an error, it responds with a detailed status code and message to help troubleshoot the problem. These errors are broken into four categories: Service errors, KMS errors, Security Event errors, and Tenant Secret errors. The possible error codes and a description of them are provided below.

This list is current as of TSP v4.12.0. New errors/codes may be added in the future.

TSP Code Error Type Error Name Description
100 Service Unknown Error Unknown request error occurred
101 Service Unauthorized Request Request authorization header API key was incorrect
102 Service Invalid Request Body Request body was invalid
200 KMS No Primary KMS Configuration Tenant has no primary KMS configuration, which is required to encrypt data
201 KMS Unknown Tenant/No Active KMS Configurations Tenant either doesn’t exist or has no active KMS configurations
202 KMS KMS Configuration Disabled Tenant configuration specified in EDEK is no longer active
203 KMS Invalid Provided EDEK Provided EDEK was not valid
204 KMS KMS Wrap Failed Request to KMS API to wrap key returned invalid results
205 KMS KMS Unwrap Failed Request to KMS API to unwrap key returned invalid results
206 KMS KMS Authorization Failed Request to KMS failed because the tenant credentials were invalid or have been revoked
207 KMS KMS Configuration Invalid Request to KMS failed because the key configuration was invalid or the necessary permissions for the operation were missing/revoked
208 KMS KMS Unreachable Request to KMS failed because KMS was unreachable
209 KMS KMS Throttled Request to KMS failed because KMS throttled the Tenant Security Proxy
301 Security Event Security Event Rejected Tenant Security Proxy could not accept the security event
401 Tenant Secret Secret Creation Failed Tenant Security Proxy failed to create a secret for the provided tenant

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