PLENTY OF COMPANIES brag that their communications app is encrypted. But that marketing claim demands a followup question: WHO HAS THE KEY?


Storing decrypted keys on the server is like locking a drawer but leaving the key on the desk. Pointless.

True Security and Privacy

  • Zero Knowledge

    With IronCore, private keys stay on client devices. Servers never see decrypted private keys. Equally important, private keys are never shared with other devices, users or servers.

  • End-to-End

    Encryption and decryption happen only at the point of use, on client devices like laptops and mobile phones. Data is locked through its full lifecycle: in-transit, at-rest and at every stage in-between including in-memory on the server.

Crypto Family

IronCore uses the more difficult to manage, but more secure public key approach.

  • Shared Secret Crypto

    Also called symmetric key cryptography, many commercial products today use shared secret cryptography. The same key used to lock the data is also used to unlock it, which is fine when the data never leaves your possession, but terrible when sharing data. Most of the time, the problems are at best moved from one server or application to another.

  • Public Key Crypto

    Also called asymmetric encryption, with public key cryptography, every participant in the system has their own unique public/private key pair. For some IronCore products, each participant will have a key pair per device. This allows data to be encrypted such that only that participant or device can decrypt it.

  • Standards-based Algorithms

    IronCore uses standards-based encryption algorithms that have been widely scrutinized and are believed by experts to be safe. In particular, IronCore relies on these:

    • Curve25519

      Elliptic curve 25519 for key exchange and public/private key pairs.

    • Salsa20

      Salsa20 for fast encryption of streams of data.

    • Poly1305

      Poly1305 for validating the source integrity and identity of the author.

    • Post-quantum

      IronCore is experimenting with post-quantum crypto for future versions of its software.

  • Cross Device
    Support across platforms and devices

    • Android

      SDKs available for Android phone and mobile devices.

    • iOS

      SDKs available for iPhone and iPad.

    • Web

      JavaScript SDK available for web and other JavaScript environments such as node.js and Electron.

    • Anywhere

      C code and RESTful APIs allow integration from any Internet connected device.

* Coming soon. See products section for details on IronSDK.

  • Crypto at Scale

    Unlimited group sizes, unlimited numbers of records and the ability to easily remove users from groups without performance impact. In short, IronCore's tech is game changing for public key encryption in the enterprise, at scale and with big data.

  • Revocation

    Stolen phones, employees who leave the company and other events bring us to the issue of removing granted access. IronCore has built access revocation in such that revoking access is painless.

  • Share Between Orgs

    No more silos. Control data even as it gets shared outside of your company. Revoke access at will. No more spreadsheets being cast off via email.

  • Encryption-backed Access

    No matter who accesses your servers, you can verify who can decrypt and read the contents of files. Provided your adversary hasn't broken the strong encryption algorithms, you can be assured that no one else has access to the data.